Bar Evaluations

Bar associations across Cook County find that Jonathan Clark Green has the experience and integrity we need in the courtroom.

Bar Evaluations

Each election, Bar association members evaluate candidates for judge based on experience, knowledge of the law, temperament, fairness, integrity, courtroom management and other criteria. Here are the most recent bar ratings for Jonathan Clark Green.

Chicago Council of Lawyers: "Qualified"

“... has had an impressive legal career with substantial litigation experience in more complex matters. The Council finds him Qualified for the Circuit Court.” - Chicago Council of Lawyers



Cook County Bar Association

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Chicago Council of Lawyers



Illinois State Bar Association



Puerto Rican Bar Association

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Decalogue Society of Lawyers



Women's Bar Association of Illinois



Black Women Lawyer's Association of Chicago



Hellenic Bar Association



Hispanic Lawyers Association of Illinois



Asian American Bar Association



LAGBAC, the Lesbian and Gay Bar Association of Chicago

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