Election Information

Election day is March 17, 2020!

When is early voting?

Early voting throughout Chicago takes place from March 2-16

Where can I early vote?

March 2nd-16th

How can I register to vote?
What are the requirements to register to vote?
Qualifications to Register to Vote

To register to vote, you must:
 - be a U.S. citizen, and
 - be born on or before Nov. 6, 2000, and
 - live in your precinct at least 30 days before the election, and
 - not claim the right to vote elsewhere, and
 - not be in prison/jail serving time for a conviction. (Note: Ex-convicts who have completed their sentences and who are no longer incarcerated are eligible to vote in Illinois.)

NOTE: A voter who needs to register OR file a change of address OR file a change of name during Early Voting & Registration needs to show two forms of ID, one of which showing the voter's current address.

Where is my polling place?

On election day you can vote ONLY at your assigned polling place.

  • Find your polling location in Chicago
How can I vote by mail?

If you wish to vote by mail, your application must be received by 5 p.m on March 12th. (Note, while this is the legal deadline, the Chicago Board of Elections suggest you submit your application by March 1st)

City of Chicago Residents can apply online for a mail-in ballot with the City of Chicago Board of Elections.

If you requested a vote by mail ballot, your ballot must be received by the Board of Elections by March 31st and postmarked or certified March 17th or earlier.


Do I need an excuse to vote by mail?

Any registered voter may Vote By Mail. Voters do not need a reason or excuse to Vote by Mail.

Do I need to bring an ID on election day?

When Illinois Voters Do (And Don't) Need Identification 


No ID is needed when:
  - The voter is already registered at the voter’s current address and is voting in the correct precinct.
  - The signature appears to match the voter signature on file.
  - Election Judges do not challenge the person’s right to vote.

 You Need 1 Form of ID   
One (1) Form of ID with voter’s current address is needed when:
  - Election Judges challenge the person’s right to vote.
  - Voter submitted mail-in registration form that did not have Illinois identification/driver’s license number or Social Security number.

You Need 2 Forms of ID
Two (2) Forms of ID are needed when:
  - The voter is registering in person after Jan. 31, including in the voter's home precinct on Election Day.
  - The voter is filing an address change in person after Jan. 31, including in the voter's home precinct on Election Day.
  - The voter is filing a name change in person after Jan. 31, including in the voter's home precinct on Election Day.

One of these two IDs must list the voter’s current address. 

Acceptable Forms of ID

  - Passport or Military ID
  - Driver's License or State ID card
  - College/University/School/Work ID
  - Vehicle registration card
  - Lease, mortgage or deed to home
  - Credit or debit card
  - Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid card
  - Insurance card
  - Civic, union or professional membership card
  - LINK/Public Aid/Department of Human Services card
  - Illinois FOID card

Examples of mail addressed to voter that can be used as ID:
  - Bill, Transcript or Report Card from School
  - Bank Statement, Pay Stub or Pension Statement
  - Utility, Medical or Insurance Bill
  - Official mail from any government agency

A voter who needs ID, but who cannot present ID, may cast a Provisional Ballot.  In order for that Provisional Ballot to be counted, the voter must present ID within 7 days of the election to the Chicago Election Board, 69 W. Washington St., Suite 600, Chicago IL 60602.

Source: Chicago Board of Elections

Important Election Dates

  • Deadline for Vote by Mail Applications  - March 12 at 5 p.m.*.
  • Early Voting and Grace Period Registration throughout Cook County - March 2nd-16th
  • Election Day-Tuesday, March 17th
    Remember, on election day you can vote ONLY at your assigned polling place.  Click here to find your polling location in Chicago 
  • Vote by Mail Deadline - March 31st
    Ballots must be postmarked by March 17th and received by March 31st.

*While March 12th is the legal deadline for vote by mail applications, the board of elections strongly encourages filing applications by March 1st.

Am I registered to vote?

If you have moved you may have forgotten to update your voter registration or if you have not voted in the past few years your status may be listed as inactive.

Check your voter registration status today.  If you need to update your address or register it is not too late.  You can register to vote or update your address online .

Check your voter registration status:

City of Chicago Residents


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